A true story of the unjust conviction of Michael Luvaglio – convicted alongside Dennis Stafford in 1967 for the murder of his friend,
Angus Sibbet on 5th January 1967.

No forensic evidence linked the men to the crime.
There were no witnesses, no weapon found and no motive was put forward at trial, which took place just three short months later.
164 statements that would have backed up the defence case were suppressed.
Fingerprint evidence was also withheld, which showed neither of the accused prints were present at the crime scene.
Convicted purely on circumstantial evidence provided by the
Prosecution, Michael spent 12 years in some of the toughest prisons for a crime he did not commit.

This website is dedicated to Michael’s fight for justice.
One he has been fighting for over half a century.
All elements of the case are contained within these pages.
We invite you to examine them and then decide whether Michael Luvaglio is a villain or a victim.