Forensic Evidence Found At The Scene

Prosecution Case
Forensic evidence was collected from The A182 near Burnips Farm (murder scene according to police), next to Four Winds House Pesspool Lane, and the Mark X Jaguar containing Angus’s body.
Finds included mud, grass, broken window glass, blood from 2 different groups, finger and palm prints.

However the existence pf any useable fingerprint evidence has been denied by Supt. Kell both in evidence during the 1972 Appeal and again when interviewed in 2008 by the CCRC.

  1. Contradicting Evidence:
    Neither Stafford nor Luvaglio had any sign of any of the forensic evidence found near Burnips Farm on their clothes or person.
    If they had been the murderers, they would have had to tramp around in the mud, grass, shot window glass, etc., manhandle Angus’s muddy and bloodstained body into the Mark X, then transfer between cars from the murder scene to where the Mark X was eventually found, and drive to the Birdcage Club.
    How could they have done all of this and not have a scratch on them or soiled clothes?
  2. Contradicting Evidence:
    There was no cross transfer of forensic evidence between the two cars or the cars and them.
    How could they have done all that without any cross transfer of any forensic evidence and arrive at the Birdcage Club only 40 minutes after the murder in immaculate condition?
  3. Contradicting Evidence:
    There was headlamp glass found that did not come from either the Mark X or the E Type.
    What car did the headlamp glass found come from?
  4. Contradicting Evidence:
    Despite Supt. Kell’s denial of the existence of useable fingerprints, the pocket books of his officers (Midgley & Sams) confirm that blood and fingerprints were found in the Mark X which did not belong to Angus, Stafford or Luvaglio.
    They even detail where in the vehicle they were found, however they were never identified or investigated.
    Why were the unidentified blood and fingerprints never matched? Were they ever investigated?
    Is it not customary and necessary to investigate all fingerprints and blood found at a murder scene further?
    Why was an exception made in this case?
    More importantly, today perhaps, is where have these fingerprints and blood samples gone?
    Durham Constabulary have no idea.
    The CCRC have no idea.


Click below to see the pocket books of Sams and Midgley and also Kell’s interview notes.
Who wasn’t telling the truth?
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