The Alleged Collision Between The E-Type & Mark X

Prosecution Case
Angus’ Green Mark X and Landa’s Red E Type (with a black soft top) collided immediately prior to the commission of the murder.

  1. Contradicting Evidence:
    In cross-examination, prosecution witness Mr. Denton was asked “In such collisions do they not cause deceleration injuries to
    passenger and driver?” Mr. Denton replied “Oh, they do, yes”.
    Neither Stafford nor Luvaglio had any such injuries.
  2. Contradicting Evidence:
    Mr. Bowman (Engineer) stated that the damage was “not
    consistent with the collision between the two cars”. He also
    considered that “some damage to both cars was done deliberately by some instrument. eg. hammer”.
    The Mark X Jaguar weighed approx 1 3/4 tons.
    Firstly, if it had smashed into the rear of the E-Type it would have done more damage than it did since an E-Type’s boot is nothing but an air pocket, which would have been easily crushed from a car of such weight as the Mark X, especially since the front of a Mark X holds all the mechanical equipment for the car.
    Logically the heavier car smashing into the lighter one would do more damage! This was not the case.
    If you view the photo of the back of E-Type there is very minor damage done to it.
    Secondly, from the 2nd diagram it can be seen how much the
    E-Type would have to have been crushed in order for the Mark X license plate to come into contact with one of the exhaust pipes.
    Thirdly, the E-Type had 2 exhaust pipes which sit close together so it would have been very difficult to impact one without coming into contact with the other. The exhaust pipes in the E-Type were made of fine metal, – NONE of the pipes were damaged!
    Fourthly, if the exhaust pipe of the E-Type did make the circular dent in the Mark X as was the prosecution’s claim, the indent would have been much lower than it actually was as seen in the 2nd photo (illustrated by the line of the arrow. It wasn’t.Therefore it is safe to conclude that the circular imprint made on the Mark X’s license plate was made from another object, as was concluded by Mr. Bowman.

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