Red Perspex & Shell Cases Found In Front Of Burnip’s Farm

Prosecution Case
On 7th Jan., next to the Four Winds House in Pesspool Lane, perspex making up a complete offside light from an E-Type were found along with a quantity of cigarette butts.
On 9th Jan., the police found red perspex fragments making another complete offside light from an E-Type lying by the roadside in a pile along with shell cases spread over 135 feet, and a pair of spectacle frames at Burnips Farm where the crash was to have taken place.

  1. Contradicting Evidence:
    Matthew Dean also saw perspex from the E-Type lying in the snow outside the Bird Cage Club when he went outside with Stafford at 2:00am to inspect the damage done to the E-Type. Dean also saw tyre tracks leading into the back of the E-Type and reversing away.
    How could perspex that made up 2 complete rear lights be found around the murder scene when Matthew Dean saw some of the perspex lying in the snow beside the E-Type at the Bird Cage Club on 5th Jan in Newcastle, 18 miles away?
  2. Contradicting Evidence:
    Mr. Bowman (Engineer) states that it was his professional opinion that the perspex was not broken by car impact. Had it been, it would have been spread around as debris in a collision does and not be sitting in a pile alongside the road.
    Mr. Pearce (Gun Maker) stated that the shell cases found could not be spread out the way they were if the shots were fired at a close range of 3 inches according to the prosecution. At such a close range the cartridges would eject to about 5ft from the gun when fired. He also stated “The possibility in this case must be considered that the shell cases were deliberately placed in the position which they were found”.
    Shell cases could not be matched to bullets since no gun was found.

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