Time Of Death

Prosecution Case
Angus’s time of death was 11:50pm on Jan.4th.

  1. Contradicting Evidence:
    P.C. Cluer, on arriving at the scene at 5:30am on Jan. 5th, where Angus was found, noted in his notebook that he saw a pool of blood beneath Angus’s wound which was STILL DRIPPING BLOOD.
    P.C. Cluer’s notebook was not available to the defense in 1967. They only became aware of it in November 1972 (6 years after the trial).
  2. Contradicting Evidence:
    John Leslie Marshall – First Aider & Miner, stated that at 5:15am he felt WARMTH IN THE AREA OF ANGUS’S CARTOID ARTERY.
    How can a wound still be dripping blood 5+ hours after death? How can there be warmth in the cartoid artery after so long
  3. Contradicting Evidence:
    Professor Francis Camp, Pathologist, put the mean time of death at 1:30am.
    When he made this estimate Professor Camp was not aware of P.C. Cluer’s and John Marshall’s findings.
    There is much more information on the unreliability of medical evidence to ascertain the time of death on pages 277-281 of Sir David Napley’s book “Not Without Prejudice”.

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