Burnip’s Farm – The Police Murder Scene

Prosecution Case
Luvaglio and Stafford murder Angus Sibbett at 11:50pm, outside Burnip’s Farm, South Hetton and then manhandle his body into his car.

  1. Contradicting Evidence:
    In his Jan. 5th statement, James Golden (Colliery Blacksmith) stated that he was cycling past BURNIP’S FARM at about 11:50pm on Jan. 4th, when he was overtaken by an E-Type Jaguar and an OLD TYPE Jaguar car.
    This is the time and place the police said that the murder was
    taking place. Wouldn’t James Golden have seen and/or heard something if he was cycling past the murder scene when it was
    supposedly happening?
  2. Contradicting Evidence:
    After police interviewed James Golden again on Jan. 8th, he added to his original statement, this one beginning with the phrase “Further to my statement of Jan. 5th…”. Realising the
    mistake in the 2nd statement making mention of there being a prior statement from Jan. 5th, the police spoke to him yet a third time on Jan. 10th after which he again changed his statement. The last statement makes no mention of previous statements and it changes the location of where the cars passed him from BURNIP’S FARM to HUTCHINSON’S FARM – half a mile further down the road. At the trial it was pointed out that Mr Golden should have been able to see the two cars turn right into Pesspool Lane but he said he could not see that due to the road layout.
    James Golden’s first 2 statements only came to light in 1973 – 6 years after the 1967 trial.
    One cannot see the turning into Pesspool Lane from Burnip’s Farm but it can be seen from Hutchinson Farm.
  3. Contradicting Evidence:
    On Jan. 8th Mrs. Burnip phoned the police and said that she had heard two sharp cracks at 12:20am on Jan. 5th.
    The 2 sharp cracks were from explosive caps placed on the
    railway lines at the nearby colliery to alert the miners that a coal truck was coming. This was done as a necessary safety precaution at night because the truck could not be seen in the pitch black of night so it served to forewarn the miners to clear the tracks in time.
  4. Contradicting Evidence:
    P.C. Ainsworth stated “At about 12:20am I was on duty walking South on Station Road, Hetton-le-Hole when I saw a large Jaguar motor car …followed by a red mini with a white roof .. each
    containing one man travelling towards South Hetton. I gained the
    impression that they were traveling together.”
    P.C. Ainsworth’s statement was not given to the Defense.

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