Angus Leaves La Dolce Vita

Prosecution Case
Angus Sibbett leaves La Dolca Vita Night Club at 11:15pm and
drives to South Hetton to be there at 11:50pm.

  1. Contradicting Evidence:
    Angus’s Mark X was seen by David John Wood at Joyce Hall’s flat in Gateshead at 11:30pm.
    Newcastle to South Hetton is an 18 mile, 30 minute drive in
    normal weather conditions but on 4th January, 1967 it was a frosty 6 degrees and snowing. So it would have taken longer than
    30 minutes to drive to South Hetton that night.
  2. Contradicting Evidence:
    Hugh Smith saw a man in the passage way outside Joyce Hall’s room – “from the back view it could have been Angus Sibbet”.
    If Angus left Joyce Hall’s flat at 11:30pm he could not have reached South Hetton in 20 minutes, even in the best of driving conditions.

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