The Case For The Prosecution

On the evening of 4th January 1967 Michael Luvaglio and his
girlfriend visited Dennis and Selena at their home in Peterlee.
When it was time for Michael to leave for his pre-arranged meeting with Angus Sibbet in Newcastle Dennis volunteered to accompany him.
At 11:00 pm, according to the police, Stafford and Luvaglio left
Peterlee for their rendevous with Angus Sibbett, scheduled for 12:30am at the Birdcage Club in Newcastle.

However instead of driving straight to Newcastle the police believed that an E-Type and a dark coloured Mark X Jaguar seen together at 11:35pm at Four Lane Ends on the A182 close to South Hetton was in fact Stafford, Luvaglio and Sibbet.
The cars were driving slowly in close convoy.

The two Jaguars continued along the A182, the E-Type in the front with one man inside, and the Mark X behind it with two men inside. The two cars stayed on the main road driving out of South Hetton into the open country. When they were 3/4 of a mile outside the
village, the police believed that the two cars came to a stop after a
It was here on the A182, opposite Westmoor Farm that the murder was alleged to have taken place. The time was 11:50pm.

Sibbett was still in the driver seat when the first two shots were fired. A total of 5 shots were fired with three contact shots hitting Sibbett. He must have died immediately.

Instead of getting the body and themselves out of sight as quickly as possible the murderers instead turned right and drove the two Jaguars with Sibbet’s body in the back seat of his own Mark X into Pesspool Lane, a small bendy country road that leads to the nearby village of Haswell.
Here in Pesspool Lane, according to the police, the murderers stopped to clear out the cars.
Things had gone wrong. They hadn’t forseen the accident, but what they didn’t realise was that the car had been damaged in the
As the Mark X re-entered the village, having carried an almost
perfect circuitous route back to the scene of the crime the car stalled.
The murderers left it under Pesspool Bridge and rushed back to Newcastle to establish their alibi.
At 12:30am Stafford and Luvaglio arrived at the Bird Cage Club in Newcastle and parked the E-Type outside.

At around 5:15am on the morning of Thursday, January 5th, 1967, Mr Tom Leak, a shot-firer at the N.C.B. South Hetton Main Colliery was walking home along the main road, A182, at the end of his shift and came upon a dark green Jaguar Mark X saloon badly parked
under a railway bridge known as Pesspool Bridge.
In the back seat was the bullet ridden body of Angus Sibbet.

That evening at approximately 10pm Michael Luvaglio and Dennis Stafford were arrested and taken to Peterlee Police Station, where they were eventually charged with murder.
Within just 12 weeks they were on trial before Mr. Justice O’Connor at the Northumberland Assize Court held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

No forensic or scientific evidence linked Luvaglio or Stafford to the crime, there were no witnesses and no motive was put forward at trial for the killing.
However the Prosecution alleged that the two Jaguar vehicles had been in a collision with each other and some smashed glass allegedly from this collision was found at South Hetton several days later.
Based on this assertion that the collision had taken place in South Hetton and the knowledge that Stafford and Luvaglio had been
driving the E-Type that night the Prosecution successfully proved that Stafford and Luvaglio were guilty of the  murder of Angus Sibbet.

Despite pleading not guilty, on 15th March 1967 both men were
convicted and sentenced to life in prison.